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WhyIslam da’wah program is an international project which has established its Da’wah Network in America, South America, Canada, United Kingdom, Kenya and more recently in Australia

The mission statement of WhyIslam Australia is YOU DESERVE TO KNOW! All our efforts will revolve around educating the Australian public so they can distinguish the true Islam from the Islampresented by the Media. Islam means ‘Peace’ and peace and terrorism do not go together. Our aim is to spread peace among Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia. This will help in closing the gap between Islam and the other religions and build a better understanding of Islam and Muslims amongst Australians.

Free Quran & Literature

Distributing free literature about Islam is the focal point of this project. We setup Islamic info stalls in Shopping malls and educational institutes where free Quran is offered to public. When people come to the stall, we educate them about Oneness of God and the prophet hood of Muhammad (PBUH). Some people revert to Islam after the discussion while others promise to study more aboutIslam.

Our Free Literature include:

  • Quran: English translation
  • Brochures: 12 different titles
  • Books: 3 different books



Dawah Hotline (1300 94 94 75) is a very important and unique service being offered by WhyIslam. It is a 24 hour call centre which answers all the queries from non Muslims about Islam. Our books, brochures, Ads/Billboards highlight hotline phone number, which results into huge volume of calls to this number. Call centre staff has sufficient Islamic knowledge and work under the supervision of Scholars.


An Excellent website has been designed by professionals to engage the people online. People can order free literature and ask questions through the website. Videos and Book library are the basic feature of this website. Our Facebook page is also very efficient to spread da’wah.

Brothers and Sisters for long-term sustainability, these kinds of projects have to be financially viable.


One Thing we want to Share with YOU

The thing we want to share with you is the uncountable Hasanat.

You’ll be amazed to see the response of people when true message of Islam reaches them. Every day 1-2 people take Shahadah through this project Alhamdulillah.

You can be part of great project and uncountable hasanat by donating money for the much needed services. We will use your donation to print Quran, Books and setup Da’wah stalls etc. If someone accepts Islam through these services provided by your donation then it will be a Sadaqa e Jaria for your Aakhirah account inshaAllah.

WhyIslam Bank Account

Commonwealth Bank


BSB: 062232   ACC# 10200885