Bankstown Masjid

Bankstown Masjid was established by Saarban Islamic Trust being the First Masjid Project by the IFAM. Opening Juma prayer was led by Maulana Yusuf Islahi on 6th April 2012. This Masjid is managed by Bankstown Unit.

  • At the moment, this facility is offering following services:
  • Daily 5 prayers (Juma prayer is not being held currently)
  • Islamic Lectures & Workshops
  • Quran Classes for Kids & (Tajweed) for Men
  • Traweeh Prayers, Qayam-ul-layl, Itekaf & Iftar Dinners
  • Centre for Dawah Among non Muslim
  • Permanent Imam Appointment


Banktown Masjid has commenced Phase 2 (Expansion) recently due to following reasons:

  • Friday Prayer issue (limitation on Numbers and Space)
  • No. of prayer attendees in Maghrib and Isha prayers is almost reaching the capacity
  • Old structure incapable of holding large crowd regularly
  • Toilet and Wudu area can’t cater large crowd
  • Parking limitations
  • Roof leakage and loose floor boards
  • Not enough space for Taraweeh Prayers
  • Not enough space for Large Public Lectures
  • Sound System limitation (for lectures & tarawih)


The new structure is being built to cater for:

  • Friday Prayer facility (upto 300 attendees)
  • Proper Car Park facility (proportional to requirement)
  • Kids & Youth activities
  • Lectures and Quran Classes for Sisters
  • Educational & mentoring activities
  • Enhancement/improvement in all current services


More information:


For Donation

  • Account Name: Saarban Islamic Trust
  • BSB: 062334
  • Account # 10804738
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Or pay Cash / via EFTPOS at masjid