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Al-hamdu lillāh (الحمد لله‎) , Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) -NSW is pleased to announce its 2nd Islamic Quiz Competition for the Youth of NSW.

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Our Motto: Every child will get a prize, nobody will lose.

  • When:  23 July 2017
  • Where: Western Sydney University, Bankstown Campus
  • Time:    10:00 am
  • Registration will be Closing soon
  • See Full-Timeline below

IFAM Children Islamic Quiz Competition

Islamic Quiz is one of the many initiatives of IFAM requiring the active participation of Muslim Community.  We strongly believe that such programs contribute towards inculcating a habit of reading and learning the Islamic knowledge, Islamic culture and manners in Muslim Youth of NSW. The knowledge gained in the process of preparation and participation in the Quiz would stay with each child forever, Insha-Allah, and will help them to practice the principles of Islam in their daily life. To prepare for the Quiz, booklets will be provided to the participating children and the questions will be asked from these booklets only. Quiz participants will be divided into following four groups:

  • Group A (Kindy & Grade 1)
  • Group B (Grade 2 and Grade 3)
  • Group C (Grade 4 to Grade 6)
  • Group D (Grade 7 and above)

In addition to above formal group competitions, the“Kindy Round”  will be informal test the Kindy and year 1 kids. It will be educating through fun InshaALLAH. Exciting gifts are waiting for all the participants.Every child will get a prize, nobody will lose. Winners in each group will also be given extra prizes such as Gift Cards, laptops, bikes, telescopes etc. Please encourage and prepare your children to participate fully. Please do pass on information about the event to your circle of friends and neighbours. Kids can be registered by sending an email to Islamic Quiz team, please see the attached registration form, or find details from your local IFAM Representatives.Payments can be made online or can be handed over to IFAM brothers as mentioned above. Please find the Registration form. For preparation, Booklets will be provided closer to the date.

Quiz 2017 Team

  • Br Aqeel Mukaddam: 0433067786 (Bankstown)
  • Br Naeem Bhacha: 0402757147      (Campbelltown)
  • Br Asaf  Siddiqi: 0451 552 700   (Rooty Hill & Mt Druitt)
  • Br Zaffar Khan: 0430 023 958  (Auburn & Lidcombe)
  • Br Shafqat Ali: 0411 244 040      (Promotions and Marketing)
  • Fajar Akhlaq:  0432152604  (Promotions & Marketing)


Email us:

Event Time Line

  • 18/2/17 Project Sponsor Launch
  • 18/2/17 Registration Open for Children
  • ??/3/17 Registration Closes
  • 06/5/2017 Email Learning Booklets [6 Weeks before Event]
  • 23/7/2017 Quiz day

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for Quiz?

Minimum participation age is 4 years or Kindergarten. Maximum age limit is 16 years or Grade 12.

My kids shy to go on stage, should I still register them for the quiz?

Stage fright can accompany the common childhood experience of performance anxiety. The key is for the shy child to visit the setting to familiarize with the environment. We strongly encourage shy children to participate in the Quiz.
The Quiz will have different stages and participant will not be on the stage immediately. They will sit among the participant in the hall. This will give them some time adjust to the environment and feel easy about their surroundings.

How Kindy and Year 10 can compete with each other?

Participants will be divided into following groups. Participant in each group will only compete with each other.

  • Group A (Kindergarten & Grade 1), there will be no competition. There will be a pictorial quiz in order to prepare them for the next year Quiz program.
  • Group B (Grades 2 & 3)
  • Group C (Grades 4, 5 & 6)
  • Group D (Grades 7 & above)

How much does it cost?

The cost is $15 for the first child, $5 for second child and registration is free after 2nd child

When will we get the booklets?

The quiz booklets will be emailed by approximately 8 weeks before the quiz date.

Any tips for Reading

  • Make use of upcoming School Holiday (if any).
  • Please keep your children reading plan on track by
    • enquiring,
    • engaging and
    • encouraging.
  • Pair reading helps to get them engaged  by
    • reading to each other
    • telling each other facts, and
    • asking questions.
  • Share other tips that work for your children by writing them in form below.

Any Question?

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