ACT: Australian Capital Territory

IFAM ACT Unit was formed in 2006 by a group of people who wanted to do Dawa in the Australian society. IFAM provided this opportunity to the Muslim communities of ACT and Queanbeyan. IFAM was a Sydney based organisation which was providing Muslims the platform from where they can practice and promote Daava related activities. Formation of IFAM ACT Chapter is a step towards achieving the ultimate goal of a Muslim i.e to please Allah (swt).


IFAM-ACT organises various Dawa related programs and training throughout the year in which every Muslim can join and participate. Presently IFAM-ACT is committed to deliver the following programs to the Muslim communities of ACT and Queanbeyan.

Quran Study Circle

Every fortnight Muslims sit together to study and understand Quran. Topics are being assigned to brothers and sisters they research, prepare and present it to the whole group. Others members of the group are also required to prepare the same topics so that they can add if something not covered. This enables us to understand and implement the teachings of the Quran in our daily life. This fortnightly activity also prepares the individual to promote Islam among Non Muslims which is Dawa.

IFAM-ACT Annual Islamic Quiz Competition and Tajweed Competition

Islamic Quiz had always been a popular and exciting event among the Muslim kids of Canberra. IFAM-ACT has been running this event from the last seven years. The main focus of this event is to remind and reaffirm the Muslim Youth of ACT and Queanbeyan with the fundamental concepts of Islam, Islamic Knowledge, Islamic way of life and Islamic culture and manners and such type of activities involving the participation of Muslim families and their kids not only help them uunderstand the Islamic concepts and practice those in their lives, but will also empower them to do Tableegh to their non-Muslim

Family Camp

Every year IFAM ACT organises a family camp where muslim families spends time together for a couple of days. The objective of this camp is to train and plan ourselves for the activities that we do all over the year.

Queanbeyan Masjid Project

Alhamdolillah IFAM ACT is building a mosque in Queanbeyan. This mosque will inshallah fulfil the islamic needs of the muslim comminuty of Queanbeyan and ACT.  The construction of this mosques is in progress. Fajar and Isha prayers are being offered at the mosque. For further information visit the following website

Zakat, Zakat ul Fitr,  Sadaqa and Qurbaan Collection

IFAM ACT collects donations, Zakat, Zakat ul Fitr, Sadaqa under the banner of Charity Australia International. Helping our muslims brothers who are in need.

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